​All the benefits of the sea, serving animal nutrition.

​Welcome to Baobab Distribution, your trusted source for the highest quality natural products.

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​Who are we ?

​Welcome to Baobab Distribution, your trusted source for high quality natural cuttlebones. We are committed to providing natural and sustainable products to satisfy the varied needs of bird lovers and aquarists around the world.

At Baobab Distribution Negoce, we are committed to promoting the sustainable use of marine resources for animal feed and parapharmacy. We offer a range of premium marine by-products to meet the nutritional needs of farmed animals, while contributing to the sustainability of the fishing industry.

Our products are carefully selected from trusted partners around the world, and we are committed to providing premium quality products that meet the highest standards of food safety and sustainability.

​ 36%

​of calcium contained in dry weight in our products

​ 1 945 T

​​Tons of processed cuttlefish bones

4 years

​of expertise

+ 200

​containers shipped

​Discover Dried Cuttlebone An animal nutritional, parapharmaceutical and industrial revolution.

​​Welcome to the future of animal nutrition with Dried Cuttlebone, a revolutionary product that will transform the chewing experience of your precious four-legged or feathered companion. Our dried cuttlefish bone is much more than just a snack but also a multi-use product. With its unique natural design and incomparable texture.

​Thanks to our know-how and our resources we offer our customers the best solution on the international market of raw materials for animal feed and human consumption.

​Our quality approach

​Quality commitment

​​Our commitment to quality is absolute. We always implement best practices developed for the food industry. We have quality assurance programs based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) techniques.

​​Traceability commitment

​We ensure optimal monitoring of the Raw Material from its origin, with our own means of transport specially adapted to the product, until the exit of the finished products from our warehouses to our customers.